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Travel in Style

Posted by Bleu Clothing on Jan 28th 2020

Travel in Style

Hey you! Resort season is upon us. We are lucky we get beautiful weather all year round here in Los Angeles, but the rest of our friends outside of LA are suffering. So, we've put together a collection of outfits for your wonderful vacation getaway to somewhere a little nicer. If you're going to the Bahamas or Hawaii or even old reliable Florida, we've got the looks that'll keep you fresh from the tarmac to the pool.

Let's start by saying there's an unspoken fashion rule that goes like this. When you're on vacation pull out all the stops and let yourself go. We aren't talking about the buffet, we're talking about your clothes. Some of us aren't always as confident as we should be. Girl, you're beautiful and the world can see it. So here on vacation, it's time to step out of your box and see what works for you. Don't worry, the lifeguard will still stare at you. So try something new, something a little tighter or more revealing. Your date will thank you later ....(wink). But just try it, this collection of outfits are our picks for your packing list and we've got everything besides the suitcase.

Let's start with the airplane. I don't know about you, but I'm always at a loss for what to wear on the plane. Wanting to be cozy yet looking fierce at the same time is a lot of pressure. We get it and we hear you, so we've put together two looks that'll be perfect wherever you go. So tray tables up, seats forward, it’s takeoff.

Snake Print Jumpsuit OutfitZebra Print Outfit

We've hit the rooms, the kids are, honestly, I don't know and kind of don't care. But it’s time for me time. The pool looks amazing, the sun is out and my hand needs a Bloody Mary. Well, Bleu has done it again. Here are three flawless pool or beach looks ready to impress. Don't worry, we added one for the girl who’s looking to catch a rich guy's eyes.

Two Piece Black Bathing Suit OutfitPink Bathing Suit OutfitBandeu Bathing Suit Outfit

Girls, from walking through the streets, shopping the cute shops, and from lunch to a cute dinner date, we've got the looks. Here are some, that'll take your fashion to new heights. We've handpicked and curated some great outfits Instagram worthy. These will take you through any occasion. Remember, you're on vacation, that doesn't mean your outfit should be. Don't walk around in flip flops all day or, even worse, yoga pants. Here’s your inspo. Don't be afraid to mix it up and step into a new box.

Zebra Jumpsuit Outfit InspirationYellow Dress & Denim Jacket Outfit InspirationPleated Skirt Dress Outfit InspirationRed Jumpsuit Outfit InspirationVibrant Summer OutfitTshirt Dress Outfit Inspiration

Girls, we can't tell you this enough: have fun with your fashion, be playful, be bold. Here at Bleu, we expect the best because we know you can bring it. Enjoy your vacation and get a nice tan, just make sure you're doing it in a Bleu approved look.

We would love to be a part of your trip looks, share the happiness by tagging us with any outfits you shop @bleuclothing.