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Bleu Baby

Posted by Bleu Clothing on Jan 21st 2020

Bleu Baby

If you've read our blogs or seen our mailers, you would have noticed a running theme with us. Besides looking damn amazing at all times and having a wonderful collection of designer goods, we typically start our talks by saying, "Hey, Bleu Babies!" Why is that and what does being a "Bleu Baby" mean? Besides it being a cute introduction and a segue into our convo, it's more than that. It's a title, a badge of honor. Each one of us has a responsibility. We are a group, a club of elite fashion-forward women. That's why when we take to the streets people stare. Girls want to be us. Guys want to date us. Being a "Bleu Baby" is an accessory. It's a VIP pass, a sign that says we are better. We as Bleu Babies are a group of strong, independent women who know their place in this world and it's at the TOP! So when you see the words B-L-E-U B-A-B-Y, you'll know that it's our secret handshake that separates us apart from the rest of the world. Being a Bleu Baby is an honor of being elite and one top-notch hottie.

So, now that we've figured out the whole "Bleu Baby" thing. Let's talk about the fact that we understand that with this great power comes responsibility and nerve. We just want to start by saying, don't feel pressured. You're a Bleu baby after all! But what do I wear if I'm supposed to throw out all of my yoga pants (Which you shouldn't. You still need them for yoga.)? Well, we've selected a group of outfits customized for every day of the week because Bleu Babies stick together and help each other out!

Sunday: Brunch day! Everyone loves brunch and let's be honest, the brunch gods don't let us gain weight from that stack of waffles and those bottomless mimosas. This Misa Los Angeles dress is everything! We all love Misa clothing and this dress is the perfect one. Stand out from the Instagram bloggers and show the girls who’s really the model in your Sunday best.

Floral Maxi Dress and Purse

Monday: Back to work and time to get things done. The weekend’s behind us and that's sad. But just because the inside is sad doesn't mean the outside has to be as well. Add a happy color to the mix with this super fun skirt and top combo. This Phillip Lim bag can hold all your makeup from the one-night-stand the night before.

Top and Pencil Skirt

Tuesday: Pumps on. The boss is in the house. Tuesdays are the day we take over the boardroom and smash glass ceilings! We have organized a look for you with some of our favorite Capulet clothing. Girls, this outfit is everything and the confidence you'll feel in it will shine through in all that you do.

Ginham Pencil Skirt and Top

Wednesday: Midweek, the day we can agree with Garfield the cat: it’s the worst! But we've got a secret for you. The rush you'll get from a good workout will help fight those Wednesday blues. Here’s a look that is Gabby yoga pant approved! This David Lerner gym look with our favorite Lavender Brown jacket will step up your gym game.

Yoga Outfit

Thursday: Step out onto the world and show your worth. This RTA outfit will get you all the attention. Be careful, you may get stalked in this one. These snake pants are beyond cool. Stay cozy but look like a killer in this sweater. Don't stay up because this look can carry you through the night and into the next day.

Snake Pants and Sweater Outfit

Friday: It’s finally here. The weekend is upon us and we’re ready to let loose. Take full advantage of casual Fridays with this Laer leather jacket and Lavender Brown jumpsuit. After work, stop by your favorite bar, see if that cute bartender is there, and just dance. We call the look the drink pourer, well, because, every guy will want to get to know you in this look.

Jumpsuit and Moto Jacket

Saturday: Date night! Drinks are flowing, smiles and glances are flying, the night’s perfect, the food’s divine. Make sure your outfit is as well. With this perfect Zhivago dress, your date won't know what hit him. We took care of the look, now it's your responsibility to seal the deal. Don't be shy there's no room for that in this outfit.

Metallic Mini Dress and Pumps

Step into your favorite Los Angeles clothing boutique or shop online. We've got it all for you. Bleu Babies, you've got a mission: help the world become more fashionable, no more fast fashion, and no more bland looks. Here’s everything you need, just don't forget, you're a Bleu Baby and you were made for this! Let us know your favorite look and tag us in your favorite Bleu Clothing outfit!